Stephanie (schmetterling28) wrote,

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one more semester of this

Die Hölle ist endlich vorbei! I’m now officially finished with the semester!!!!
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Not Fair! My takehome is due by midnight question left and one to tweek, so hopeflly I'll be finished long before then! Glad to hear you survived :)
Congrats!! Just have one more test tomorrow and then I'm done as well! =D
Awesome!! Holiday superchill extreme mode, ACTIVATE
Bleah on you. I've still got tons of work left. The semester here ends super late.

But really, congrats. Enjoy a well deserved break.
Thanks! You, too...when it's finally over.
Only one more semester? How long is your program?
Five years, but it's only the first year where you have to do rotations and take core classes.

Did you get my message? :)