Stephanie (schmetterling28) wrote,

it's the beginning of the semester, of course...public service announcement

My laptop officially hates me. First the internet stopped working, then the mouse. Now it won't let me log on to Windows at all. My mom has, as of today, gotten me a new one as a very early birthday present, but there is no guarantee that I'll get it before Jan. 25th. I'll be checking my email in the lab though.

I started my new lab rotation on Friday culturing Drosophila S2 cells. It's a change from working in the organism, almost like working with bacteria, but I like it. The lab atmosphere is really laid back. My PI is new here, so he doesn't have any students yet, only his postdoc, who is also his brother and another rotation student, who rotated with me in Mark's lab last semester. For being so small and so recently established, the lab is already completely equipped and self-sufficient, so I don't really anticipate any of the problems you would expect in new lab, especially since they've already generated lots of data. If my third rotation is not all that I hoped for, this is a real possibility.
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